About Me

Work and home life getting you down?  Let's get you a back up!

I've been called a five star reservation, on a picnic blanket.

Intelligence, sophistication, maturity and composure balanced with the proper blend of temporal humor, secular realism, libidinous whimsy and concupiscent playfulness.

I'm a mature provider of sensual arts.  A consummate companion.  At a size 16 and over half a century in age, a pop-tart I am not.  If you are looking for one of those, pass on by, Barbie doesn't live here.  I don't wear make-up or perfume.  To put it bluntly...I'm fat, old and plain.

P.S. - I share my abode with furry friends.  If you have allergies, please take your meds before arriving.

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